Smile Direct Club Agreement

“We have seen a growing demand from dentists and orthodontists in our network who want to make their patients available to their patients in SmileDirectClub`s Clear Aligner office, and as our agreement with Align Technology is now over, we are no longer required to stay in the Direct-to-Consumer channel,” said Alex Fenkell, co-founder of SmileDirectClub. “We are pleased to expand our offering and welcome new suppliers to add an important and necessary offering to their service suite.” In 2016, Align signed a delivery contract for SmileDirectClub. As part of the transaction, Align acquired a 17% stake in SmileDirectClub for $46.7 million that it no longer owns. “This physician-led model at home follows the trend towards other, more comfortable and affordable home solutions for processes such as contact lenses, hearing aids and diabetes care,” said Joe Hogan, president and CEO of Align Technology. “Straightening teeth at home is only possible with clear aligners, and as a leader in clear aligners, we believe we need to participate and participate in the design of this new model.” The two companies also entered into a supply contract in 2016. Align Technology has become smileDirectClubs of exclusive third parties for transparent retainers. Let`s be clear, SmileDirectClub made most of its retainers itself, but it bought Retainer from Align Technology in 2018 for a total of nearly $28 million. In addition, SmileDirectClub uses Align`s technology to create oral images for storage manufacturing. Since Align Technology and SmileDirectClub both treat failures with transparent retainers, most consider these two companies to be daredevil competitors. But in reality, they have enjoyed a friendly business relationship for years.

However, an important agreement between the two companies expires at the end of the year and foresees a year 2020 and beyond. “We look forward to working with Align Technology as they help us offer consumers who are in a simple bad position a more convenient way to straighten their teeth,” said Alex Fenkell and Jordan Katzman, co-founders of SmileDirectClub. “More than 50 million people in the United States want a better smile, but not everyone will be treated with orthodontic or dental practice. Our goal is to serve a larger segment of this market with a more affordable home aligner option. In partnership with Align Technology, we will have access to additional manufacturing capabilities that will allow us to smile more.┬áInvisalign had largely entregged the market for selling removable aligners to patients through dentists and orthodontists, who then manage and oversee the treatment plan. Invisalign did not sell its products directly to consumers. Dentist providers interested in SmileDirectClub`s Clear Aligner therapy in their offices can visit to learn more. About SmileDirectClubSmileDirectClub, Inc.

(Nasdaq: SDC) (SmileDirectClub), the industry pioneer is the first direct-to-consumer medtech platform for smile transformation. With our state-of-the-art teledication technology and vertically integrated model, we are revolutionizing the oral care industry. SmileDirectClub`s mission is to democratize access to affordable and comfortable care and unleash the power of a person`s smile to positively influence their place in the world. SmileDirectClub was created by Alex Fenkell and Jordan Katzman in partnership with camelot Venture Group. Available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Hong Kong. SmileDirectClub is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information, see SAN JOSE, CA — (Marketwired) — 28.07.16 — Align Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALGN) today announced a delivery agreement with SmileDirectClub for the manufacture of non-invisalign clear aligners for SmileDirectClub`s physician-focused program for affordable cosmetic dental recovery. . .


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