Sign On Rental Agreement

Like everyone else, I`ve dealt with so many things I`ve been dealing with since the beginning and I`ve prayed that they will allow me to pay nothing for December, since I left and paid all the November rent. They said I had falsified the lease, they sent me a lease where it was typed, as they said 12-10-19 to 12-9-20. My grandson and I look at his lease so confused. Then we notice that the date they gave me the lease was the date 11-19-19 and that what they sent was December 11, 2019, our initials were not ours, our signatures were not ours, the representative who signs my original, that the signature was not on it and she is still working on it. I searched the site, I did not find anything in my favor, I am disabled for not paying money, because you can see my dilemma. I pray, but in nature, how can I handle this? You don`t know it`s known.

By Tim