Microsoft Csa Agreement

Learn how to renew a CSA agreement in 2 simple steps. In Germany, the Criminal Code (Article 203) and professional regulations require that certain client relationships be treated confidentially, for example the relationship between patients and their doctors, as well as the relationship between lawyers and their clients. These professional categories must guarantee professional secrecy. In order for these and other businesses to purchase cloud-based services from cloud solution providers, the cloud service provider must enter into a written agreement with the customer that guarantees professional secrecy. 6 If the default fee for Software Advisor for CRM Online is 12% + 6% (or 18%) for new licenses, why can I get a different percentage? Microsoft may offer its partners a promotion under the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Advisor program. We recommend that partners regularly check the software Advisor community pages of the MPN portal (here) and partnerSource (here) to view the latest advertisements and documentation CSA Program Requirements and Certification What agreements are required to be part of the Certified Software Advisor program? Partners must sign a Certified Software Consultant Agreement in conjunction with their Microsoft Partner Program (MPN) Agreement. Partners must be at least a partner registered in the Microsoft Partner Program and have an up-to-date Advisor software agreement to qualify for CSA payments. In addition, certification requirements apply (see below). For more information, visit the MPN website. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile also require a Microsoft Online Services Partner Agreements (MOSPA). How do customers register their CRM-On Premise software? Customers will receive a Product Identification Key (PID) to activate the product.

This PID key must be used as part of the installation process. You must continue to register your customers by going to the self-service site (to enable insurance software benefits and the CustomerSource account for your customer….

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