Mcba Personal Property Agreement

10 Buyer is responsible for paying any fines or violations imposed on Buyer or Property under Acts or Practices of Buyer that violate the conditions, restrictions and/or rules of an applicable condo or owner (a) Seller maintains the Owner`s existing insurance coverage on the Land. Buyer acknowledges that Buyer`s personal property is not insured by Seller`s insurance coverage and buyer assumes full responsibility for all losses incurred. (b) During the lifetime, the buyer must purchase and maintain comprehensive personal liability insurance against bodily injury and property damage, with minimum limits of $____/$____($300, $300 if empty). Buyer must provide seller and/or seller`s attorney, prior to the date of possession, with proof of the above coverage and receipts proving payment of premium for such coverages. 2 CONSIDERING that the seller and the buyer have concluded a contract of purchase and sale with the opening ____ (the contract), defined in paragraphs 1 and 2 of the contract (the property), provided that the conclusion of the contract or about_____ takes place 20___(the conclusion); andWHEREAS are now in the circumstances in which the buyer wishes to acquire the buyer and where the seller has agreed to allow the buyer to own the property prior to conclusion under the following conditions, in exchange for a good and valuable consideration, the seller and the buyer enter into a lease-tenant relationship. This AGREEMENT does not create an owner-tenant relationship between seller and does not have the rights of a tenant under New York State law, including, but not limited to, the civil Practice Law andRules, Executive Law, General Obligations Law, Real Property Law and Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law (RPAPL). Looking for real estate forms? You will find real estate forms on the website of the MCBA real estate section here: Just click on “Real Estate Section Resources”. Purchase and sale contract between __ of ____ The buyer undertakes to pay to the seller and the seller undertakes to accept as a total price the sum of ___ or to store personal property on the land without physically providing for the property; or to keep personal property in the following areas, without physically occupying the property (garage if empty), pays the seller, as compensation, an OCCUPANCY Fee PRE-FENCE (PCOF) for the holding of the property in the amount of $___ per day, which includes compensation for property taxes, homeowners` insurance and, where applicable, overhead costs during the term and extended term. In the event that the buyer disposes of the property before the closing date and/or the PAID PCOF is paid for a period longer than the date of termination, no refund is granted.

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