Immigration Service Agreement

When a court decides that a clause (or part of a clause) cannot be applied in that agreement, this will not affect other clauses (or parts) that can still be applied to the broadest extent possible by law. For the full representation service, i.e. the postal or premium service, the provision of the service is carried out in accordance with the initial order and will only be completed when a decision on your request has been taken by the Ministry of the Interior. If you or we terminate this agreement under this clause, we will be entitled to a reasonable and reasonable fee for the work we have done so far. This agreement contains our terms of use. You are bound by this agreement if you use our services. We have set out in this document our terms and conditions (the “Terms”) which apply, together with our letter of commitment (together referred to as “this Agreement”), to all work that VISA SOLUTIONS performs for you. In the event of a conflict between these conditions and the terms of the mandate/mandate, priority shall be given to the terms of the mandate/mandate. This agreement is an offer by us to enter into a cost agreement, and this contract is considered accepted by you if you accept the mandate/mandate electronically in your client area. You confirm that you have the legal authority to enter into this agreement on behalf of the company. Subsequently, if we discover that you do not have the legal authority to enter into this agreement on behalf of the company, you will be personally responsible for the obligations set out in this agreement, including the obligation to pay for our services. We are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the response to the instruction, notice, document or communication, which is reasonably presumed to be authentic and provided by an authorized representative of your company. If we have reasonable doubts that such instruction, communication, documentation or communication is not authentic or properly authorized, we may ask you to prove your authority.

By Tim