Alabama Residential Lease Agreement Template

Sublease Agreement – To allow a tenant who is currently in a mandatory lease agreement to be able to re-lease the existing property to another person (subtenant). The consent of the owner is usually required. Download the Alabama Association of Realtors lease that binds a landlord (the landlord) and the tenant (the tenant) for a term of 12 (12) months. Both. The rent is due on the date indicated in the rental agreement, which is usually the first of the month (art. 35-9A-161). If the rent is not paid, the lessor can initiate eviction proceedings with 7 days` notice. Rental Application – Must be used by the lessor before approving any type of rental agreement with a commercial or private tenant. The Alabama lease is a document between a tenant looking for a private room with a common area and an owner or manager of the premises. The agreement. Alabama leases are used to create a binding legal contract between a landlord and a tenant. The contract guarantees that the tenant pays a monthly fee in exchange for access to a habitable property. The document has full legal justification and can be used for leverage purposes if either the tenant or the lessor does not maintain their page of the agreement..

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