Specific Performance Of This Agreement

In this case, the date of the agreement, that is, 22.09.2002, and the appeal was filed on 11.02.2005. There, the Madras Supreme Court dismissed the appeal, stating that “the applicant did not explain why she had to wait until 11.02.2005 to file the claim for a defined benefit, after learning that the defendant had not responded to her notification. This would only demonstrate that, to the extent that the applicant was unwilling and willing to carry out its part of the contract.” 10. In addition to a clear interpretation of section 19 of the Act, we also consider this section to be exhaustive as to who are the parties against whom a contract of a certain benefit can be obtained. “24. The term “availability and availability” was already, in many cases, an object of interpretation prior to its inclusion in Section 16 (c) of the Specific Relief Act, 1963. In considering how and how, the applicant is required to: In a high-order case, drawn from the Indian Courts (Bombay) of the Bank of India Ltd. v. Jamsetji A.H. Chinoy,[17] the Privy Council upheld Chagla`s opinion, Actg.C.J., and, among other things, held a specific contract performance. – The special performance of a contract is imposed by the court, subject to the provisions of Section 11, Section 14 and Section 16, Subsection 2 and Section 16. When the contractor transfers ownership of the action and the incompetent party is then ordered for execution, the correct form of a decree is set as in Durga Prasad v. Deep Chand,[27] where it has been established that the defendant and the purchaser must participate in the representation.

AFFAIRE 24: Just because an agreement mentions a certain amount that the defaulting party must pay to the other does not mean that this is grounds for denial of special benefit [22] Section 22.

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