Depot Access Agreements

This page should be used as a short reference for all station access documents and depots published by the ORR, including access agreements, access conditions, appendices, change documents and amendment agreements. The operator of a depot is known as the deposit operator. Other train operators or third parties who contract deposit services on behalf of a train operator (“beneficiary”) must enter into an access agreement with the facility operator. If the agreements are not approved by us, they are not valid. All approved agreements and subsequently approved amendments will be included in our public registry. The railway network has a large number of private facilities accessible by rail. We regulate access to approximately 100 light maintenance depots in the UK that provide passenger and other train services. We regulate access to light maintenance depots by authorizing deposit access contracts in accordance with the provisions of the Railways Act 1993. Please visit our legal duties and obligations to find out the law by which we regulate access to the deposit. Team members are pleased to discuss all issues related to stations or access to depots. E-mail: Fax: 020 7282 2043 Stations – Depots and Network Code Team Office of Rail and Road One Kemble Street London WC2B 4AN National Station Access Conditions (FRI Leases) 2011 This graph explains the relationships that exist under the contract.

This section provides details on the applications we are debating and the decisions made during the consultation.

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