Data Processing Agreement Model Clauses

(a) to refer the dispute to mediation by an independent person or, if necessary, by the supervisory authority;b) to refer the dispute to the courts of the Member State in which the data exporter is established. 2. The parties agree that the decision taken by the person concerned does not infringe on his or her physical or procedural rights of appeal, in accordance with other provisions of national or international law. (i) that, in the case of a subcontract in point 11, the processing activity is carried out by a subcontractor offering at least the same level of protection for personal data and the rights of the person concerned as the importer of data in accordance with the clauses; and (e) to process without delay and formally all requests from the exporter for data relating to the processing of personal data subject to the transmission and to comply with the board of the supervisory authority with respect to the processing of the data transmitted; (b) that it ordered the data importer and, for the duration of personal data processing services, that it process personal data transmitted only on behalf of the data exporter and in accordance with applicable data protection legislation and clauses; ARE AGREEd on the following contractual clauses (the clauses) to ensure the protection of the privacy and fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals with respect to the transfer of personal data covered by the data importer. This HubSpot data processing agreement and its appendices (“DPA”) reflect the agreement between the parties regarding the processing of personal data that we have entered into on behalf of you in relation to HubSpot subscription services, in accordance with The HubSpot customer terms between you and us (also known as “Agreement” in this DATA agency). Detection: We have designed our infrastructure to record a lot of information about system behavior, received traffic, system authentication and other application requirements. Internal systems have aggregated the protocol data and warn the appropriate personnel of malicious, involuntary or abnormal activities. Our staff, including security, operations and assistance personnel, respond to known incidents. E. If, at the end of the Cure period, the data importer is unable to remedy non-compliance or cannot remedy the data breach, the data exporter may suspend and/or terminate the relevant portion of the services in accordance with the provisions of the contract without liability of any of the parties (without prejudice to the costs incurred by the data exporter prior to suspension or termination).

The data exporter is not required to provide such a notification if it believes that there is a significant risk of harm to the individuals concerned or their personal data. one. The data exporter agrees that these clauses constitute confidential information of the data importer, as defined in the agreement, and cannot be disclosed to third parties by the data exporter without the prior written consent of the data importer, unless the agreement permits. This does not preclu her disclosure of these clauses to a person concerned, in accordance with paragraph 4, point h), or to a supervisory authority referred to in paragraph 8. 1. The person concerned may have the data exporter apply this clause, clause 4 B) to (i), point 5 a) to (e) and (g) bis (j), paragraph 6, paragraph 1, and (2), clause 7, clause 8, paragraph 2, and clause 9 to 12 as third beneficiaries.

By Tim