Bryant University Laptop Agreement

In accepting ownership of MCD, software and associated accessories such as manuals, backpacks, etc., I agree with the terms and conditions below. I understand that by signing this agreement and the initialization, where stated below, I agree to participate in the Bryant Mobile Computing Program and pay the fees as described on my Bryant bill. I also agree to comply with all applicable copyright and other software rules. In the event that I use MCD in a manner that has nothing to do with my participation in Bryant University, or that I participate in academic programs that violate this agreement, I agree that Bryant University should be free of any claims based or related to the use of the device, including liability for property damage and third-party claims. Illegal activities include downloading or copying unauthorized, unauthorized or pirated software. Bryski believes that the laptop is more than capable of running the demanding programs that are needed for his major. Students can contact Laptop Central at 401-232-6550 or email Laptop Central`s email is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on any questions you may have. Returnees receive their new model laptop on the afternoon of work day. The existing laptop and power must be returned before the new device is received. All other accessories, such as .

B, usb keys or backpacks, are kept by the student. The returned laptop is then examined in front of the student for damage and wear, and a cost estimate is shown on the student`s receipt. The student then receives his new machine. Laptop Central follows a one- to two-month selection process, during which we compare multiple laptop models and suppliers. Getting the best laptop is the top priority of the Central laptop, and we highly recommend student feedback. Student feedback is extremely important for Laptop Central, as we use it to limit laptop models for future classes. If you have any positive or negative comments on your current laptop, please contact us. I accept my responsibility to MCD at all times during this agreement, so I understand that I will not allow anyone else to have access to the device.

By Tim